Your Case Is Not Over

Your Case Is Not Over

File an appeal with our attorney in Deerfield, Illinois

Did a court case fail to go your way? Don’t worry – Bruce A. Slivnick Attorney At Law can help you.

Bruce A. Slivnick is widely experienced in filing legal appeals. He can handle every step of the process, from writing the appeal documents to conducting any needed briefings. Let him give you a chance at a more positive outcome of your:

  • Criminal defense case
  • Personal injury case
  • Family law issue


• Following an adverse result in litigation, the losing party has an automatic right to appeal a final result to an appellate court (Illinois –Illinois Appellate Court) and/or (Federal---United States Court of Appeals). This right to appeal is dependent upon following the time lines set forth by Court rules (generally 30 days in State Court from the entry of a final judgment). Rights to appeal from intermediate steps in the process are much more limited if allowable at all).

• Appeals to a higher court beyond an appellate court such as, the Illinois Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court, are completely discretionary with that Court and those Courts accept less than 15% of the cases presented to them. The acceptance of those cases do not depend on that Court’s belief in the results reached by the lower court. Attempting to present cases to these higher courts involve an analysis of the cost of proceeding against the likelihood of the court accepting the case.

• Appellate work does not involve the presentation of evidence. In fact, evidence that is not presented to a trial court is not considered by an appellate court. If new evidence that may change a result comes to light, that evidence must be appropriately presented to a trial court.

• Appellate work revolves around legal research and writing persuasive arguments (briefs) to the court. Some litigation attorneys do not enjoy this research and writing process. I, on the other hand, I enjoy this process of litigation the most. It allows me to be creative.


• Adverse results from decisions of Administrative Agencies such as the Unemployment Office, the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, etc. are subject to review. This review is in accordance with the agency’s enabling statute and its rules and regulations.

• As with litigation appeals, typically no new evidence is presented. The appeal involves legal research and written briefs presented to the reviewing court.

To the average person, navigating the legal system can seem overwhelming. That’s why, since 1987, Bruce A. Slivnick has dedicated himself to interpreting and simplifying the process for people just like you. Whether you’re facing litigation related to a criminal charge or a family court ruling, you can trust Bruce A. Slivnick to fight on your behalf.

Bruce A. Slivnick is available for house calls. Call 847-714-0503 to learn more about your options for filing a criminal appeal in the Deerfield, IL area.